Renovating shop fronts

If you want to renovate your existing shop front there are a number of ways this can be achieved. First off, you can just give it a lick of paint or a good old clean. But that’s not always cost-effective in the long term, so you may need to consider some better options. You can repair sections of it and, if it’s possible, we can certainly do that for you. A complete new aluminium shop front may be the best solution and the price is often better than you’d expect. That’s what where we come in, we specialise in all things aluminium and glass and can quickly and efficiently manufacture and fit a solution for you.

Aluminium shop fronts

By far the most practical and long-term solution is to use aluminium as a material. The extended life this gives you over traditional wood or painted steel solutions is by far and away the biggest attraction. Aluminium simply lasts, it doesn’t rot like wood or need repeated maintenance and it can be powder coated in any colour, always looking fresh and neat.

Elegance and branding

You can create an elegant look to your shop front which in turn attracts customers. Stamping your own brand on your point of contact with customers is always useful and this is a great way to do it.


Security is always an issue with most shops and businesses so we build that in right from the start. Consider the strength of modern aluminium and glass constructions compared with that of wood and you have your first level of security. Aluminium framing adds much more durability and sturdiness to your shopfront. Next, look at the increased security that a new door with modern fittings brings. Even automatic doors can now be made much more secure than the old fashioned door systems.

Visual appeal

If you’re using glass shop fronts then aluminium ‘bordering’ much improves the visual appeal resulting in not only a designer-styled appearance but an emphasis on brand. Since high street and business units need to promote their brand, this is a cheap and effective way to do it.

The process

An experienced shop front surveyor usually submits the initial design to us and we get started on the technical layout, liaising with you on final design and requirements. We can advise on electrical, masonry and plumbing requirements that may be necessary.

You’ll need to consider safety, security, lighting, electricity, plumbing and signage which all have to be thought out. Also, the appropriate trades need to be booked and committed to the fit dates.


Changing your shop front or business frontage can lead to increased business as you now have a stronger branding and an inviting first impression given to the customer. It’s the same concept as ‘kerb appeal’ for new house buyers; get this right and you’ll have a much easier sale.
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