Why choose aluminium shopfronts?

Aluminium shopfronts are mainly designed to be lightweight yet durable so that they meet the needs of a commercial environment such as a shop or business entrance. So why choose aluminium over other materials such as wood, steel or UPVC?

Aluminium, unlike steel, is corrosion resistant which means that it will last a long time and withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Our aluminium section can be powder coated or anodised so that it blends in with your company’s colour scheme and offers a luxurious and easy to maintain appearance.  Compare this to wood and you’ll soon recoup any money spent in maintenance costs and downtime. Plastic frames can look very ugly by comparison and UPVC can often fade so aluminium is most definitely the best choice.

Matching colours

RAL or BS colour coding means that we can exactly match existing installations and replacement parts will always colour match. Your company’s brand is important so you can match the frame colour or even go with colours that contrast well with your signage or brand.

ral colour match shop front

If you have any specific colour matching requirements or wish to talk to us about any aluminium replacement windows or doors for your business, then please contact us now