Toughened glass shopfronts

Toughened glass shopfronts are ultra modern and very stylish. They can offer maximum product exposure and are particularly suitable where you have a medium to large expanse of shop frontage and need to display a big range of products to your customers or passers-by. Typical applications are for estate agencies, car dealerships, furniture showrooms, cafes and restaurants but any business can benefit from a clean and clutter-free shop front. Adding a tint to the glass can add ambience and completely lift the look of your premises.

For high streets or areas with foot traffic this makes good commercial sense and is not only restricted to working hours… a good shop window keeps on working for you while you are closed too!

By having little restriction across the shopfront’s glazed area, you can make a bold statement and present your product or service at its best. Should you require bespoke colours on the aluminium framing that suit your brand, then we can provide this too. We are also specialists in fire rated and bulletproof glass.

We design, manufacture and fit so we know what works for most businesses. See what we can offer by giving us a call or contacting us through our website.